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24 /7 Automatic Door Service, Houston

You'll struggle to find a company in the Houston, TX, area with quite the same level of expertise as us, and with our team at Automatic Doors Texashaving extensive experience in the field, nobody is in a better position than we are to provide you with a huge array of commercial and industrial door solutions. Offering value that's hard to beat, we've been proudly and loyally serving our customers for more than twenty years, and endeavor to continue doing so long into the foreseeable future.

So, if you're in the Houston area of Texas and are looking for a company that can provide you with an extensive range of commercial and industrial door and dock solutions to suit a variety of applications, then look no further; we guarantee to have the products you need. Offering our clients only the very best quality products at prices we know are competitive, we firmly believe that once you've spoken to our dedicated team of specialists and technicians, you'll be satisfied that you've chosen the right company for all your door requirements.

Our mission:

Understanding the unique needs of each of our customers is what we believe makes us stand apart from our competitors, and with such a vast range of products and systems that can be customized, we're guaranteed to be able to meet those unique needs in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. Every industry is different, and every business has its own set of goals; we recognize and understand this, and as such, have come up with a huge range of solutions to help you achieve those goals while still being able to offer your own clients a professional and affordable service.

What to do when your automatic door stops functioning:

It can spell disaster when an automatic door suddenly stops functioning or isn't performing quite as it should - especially in a sterile or temperature-controlled environment, and if this happens, you need it fixed, and pronto! Even if the doors provide a simple access and exit point to an ordinary building or facility, it's still a huge inconvenience when they stop working, not to mention a potential security issue, and you'll want to have an expert assess them and fix the problem as quickly as possible.

What constitutes as an 'emergency'?

While our team are on hand to help you with any automatic door problems you might be experiencing, an emergency response is usually only activated following a report of one of the following issues:

  • Security
  • Weather related problem such as a severe storm or hurricane
  • Malfunction of an automatic door that provides access to an operating room or x-ray facility
  • Immediate safety and/or liability concerns

Fortunately, atAutomatic Doors Texas, our expert service, repair and maintenance team are available around the clock, and one call to our helpdesk is all it takes for a technician to attend your site within a matter of hours (depending upon your location and the nature of the issue) and get your automatic doors up and running again as quickly as possible. Emergencies calls will receive a visit from a qualified technician as soon as possible, while all other non-emergency calls will be logged and responded to with a site visit within an appropriate timeframe, which will always be discussed openly and honestly with you.

Our efficient and technically sound door response team will come in their own professional vehicle and have all the necessary equipment onboard to tackle the issue and resolve it swiftly for you.

Irrespective of who you originally purchased your automatic doors from, our team will help you fix them with minimum fuss and optimal professionalism; although once you've seen how they work, you might want to make your future door purchases through us! AAADM certified, our technicians take immense pride in their work, and there are precious few automatic door problems, they can't resolve. So, the next time your automatic doors experience a malfunction, stop working altogether, or simply require a service or maintenance check, call up a member of our friendly team and they'll assign you a technician who will be dedicated to handling your issue promptly and professionally.

Types of automatic doors we service and repair:

  • Automatic sliding doors
  • Automatic swing doors
  • Automatic folding door
  • Automatic revolving door
  • Health care ICU / CCU doors
  • Drive thru windows
  • ADA operators
  • Turnstiles
  • Access control

Industry understanding:

With our deep understanding of each industry that we work with, we can develop, manufacture, install, repair and maintain a range of products and services that are guaranteed to meet your exact requirements.

Lifetime product commitment:

Our lifetime product service, which includes comprehensive on-site training, freight coordination, technical services, part replacements and warranty fulfilment, shows that we are dedicated to supporting you right from purchase, through to the installation of your product and beyond. Protecting your business, your employees and members of the public is important, and atAutomatic Doors Texas, nobody understands that better than us. Every installation or repair we carry out is done so to the very highest industry standards, and with our outstanding level of customer service, you won't need to go anywhere else for all your door needs. For more detailed advice or guidance about any of our products or services, please don't hesitate to contact us via the online inquiry form, browse our website, or give us a call. Here to help meet all your needs, if you're in Houston or the surrounding area and are looking for a dependable and professional company to fulfill all your door requirements, then our friendly and dedicated customer service team are standing by to take your call.

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With our service available throughout Houston and beyond, browse the website for more examples of our fantastic variety of door and dock solutions, or call up our friendly and professional team for expert recommendations and advice.

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