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Automatic Sliding Doors For Retail, Commercial, and Industrial Applications

Commercial automatic sliding doors are a fantastic means to accommodate synchronized two-way traffic. Their flat panels slide flat as well as linearly, so they don't require as much area as other automatic door designs such as swinging or revolving doors.Plus, due to the fact that the door leaves slide away from people walking with, they area additionally safer. They come in a range of configurations to fit virtually any type of building's requirements as well as can be operated by either sensors or control mats. Eliminate the risk of spreading germs or virus like Covid 19by Installation Automatic doors

We provide a complete line of automated gliding doors for indoor applications. Exterior versions include complete break-out, fixed sidelite, and even storm-resistant versions. These doors have advanced controllers for additional torque and can conveniently take care of doors as much as 400 pounds. Added attributes consist of optional panic equipment with car lock microprocessor control for consistent tracking, audio wetting track style, enhanced diagnostic capabilities with a mobile gadget.

All glass doors and available sidelights blend effortlessly into building profiles, minimizing site lines and bulky profiles and maximizing elegance and beauty to upscale architecture. Available in a variety of sizes and colors.

  • Hospitals
  • Flight terminals
  • Retail
  • Drug stores
  • Hotels
  • Food store
  • Equipment shops
  • Sporting goods stores and also even more

Choose Number of door Panels

Automatic Door Texas offers 2 door panel single slide automatic doors, 3 door panel telescopic automatic sliding doors, 4 panel bi-part automatic sliding doors, and 6 panel bi-part telescopic automatic sliding doors. Choose the door type that best fits your building application.


Requirement doorway holding beam of lights find items in door location and holds panels open till limit is clear.Optional Wind Resistant Dampers minimize the capacity for panel damages triggered by wind gusts when panels are broken out.

Protection, Theft Prevention and Liability Security

  • Flush or surface area mounted panic hardware.
  • Alarm calls for remote monitoring of panel condition.
  • Securing Options [Key/thumb turn hook bolt standard].
  • 3Point Locking.
  • Lock Position Indicators.
  • Electric Solenoid Lock [Fail Safe/Fail Secure].
  • Access Control Securing with Surface or Recessed Panic Hardware.

Here are some common kind automatic door solution.

Surface area Mounted:

Surface placed These gliding automatic doors are optimal for retrofits or smaller openings that may not have sufficient area for and also above hidden arrangement. Surface area installed doors permit for a large range of door products to be made use of including timber, hollow steel and also stainless steel.

Overhead Concealed:

Expenses hid gliding doors have actually the system concealed in a header over the door. The header rests flush to the door jamb and is very unobtrusive so it looks seamless. These doors can cover 16 feet with no intermediate assistance required.


Telescopic gliding doors are best when area is a premium. Telescopic doors permit a door opening concerning 30% larger than standard gliding doors. They are very easy to preserve and also install, provide low power intake to run, and are also available in an energy saving Eco Door upgrade layout.

Eco door:

These moving doors are all regarding boosting energy efficiency and also ease at the very same time. Eco Doors are developed to decrease air infiltration by as high as 40%. Hydraulic closers and magnetic catches maintain a weather condition tight seal. Combine these with protected glass and also activity sensing units that lessen door opening time and you obtain excellent power savings.

All glass slider:

The all glass gliding door includes beauty to any type of building access if aesthetics are important. These automated sliding doors are available in single slide or bi-part in a huge range of sizes. A flush header design and bottom rail keep the look streamlined tinted or etched glass can add a lot more upscale appeal.

Specialty glass moving doors:

We additionally offer specialty glass moving doors consisting of storm immune moving doors, clean space or hermetic gliding doors, accessibility control gliding doors, fire ranked moving doors, and a lot more.These doors have high technology controllers for additional torque as well as can easily take care of doors up to 400 lbs. Surface area installed doors permit for a vast variety of door materials to be utilized including wood, hollow steel and also stainless steel.

Expenses concealed sliding doors have the mechanism concealed in a header over the door. Telescopic doors allow for a door opening up concerning 30% wider than basic sliding doors. These automatic gliding doors are readily available in solitary slide or bi-part in a huge variety of dimensions.To get more information regarding our aesthetically pleasing, very easy to tailor, resilient automated sliding doors.

You'll struggle to find a company in the Houston, TX, area with quite the same level of expertise as us, and with our team at Automatic Doors Texas having extensive experience in the field, nobody is in a better position than we are to provide you with a huge array of commercial and industrial door solutions. Offering value that's hard to beat, we've been proudly and loyally serving our customers for more than twenty years, and endeavor to continue doing so long into the foreseeable future.

Our mission:

Understanding the unique needs of each of our customers is what we believe makes us stand apart from our competitors, and with such a vast range of products and systems that can be customized, we're guaranteed to be able to meet those unique needs in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. Every industry is different, and every business has its own set of goals; we recognize and understand this, and as such, have come up with a huge range of solutions to help you achieve those goals while still being able to offer your own clients a professional and affordable service.

All of our professional services technicians are AADM certified and Trained, from installation, replacement and repair, are designed and executed to ensure the satisfaction of our customers at all times. While we strive to always give you exactly what you want, and in the timeframe that you want it installed or repaired within, should there be an occasion when you are anything less than 100% happy with our work and level of customer service, then you can rest assured that we'll work even harder to rectify those issues.

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