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Automatic Swing Operators

automatic swing operator

Automatic doors Tx,  provides a wide variety of choices for convenience, energy efficient revolving doors that are ideal for many applications. Swing door swing doors offer excellent accessibility within a small opening . Automatic door Tx conforms to all Tx codes. For more information regarding Automatic Door, manual doors and custom entrance systems, contact us . Swing door operator is beneficial for any commercial, retail, or industrial environment . We can modify any manual door with the complete, effortless convenience of an automatic door. Whether you need a door operator for ADA compliance, to improve traffic flow, or simply to heighten your patrons’ experience, We provide door operator systems that are customized to suit your specific requirements and application . Our full energy and low energy  systems are designed to work with a variety of activating methods, including mats, push plates, motion sensors, touch less activation sensors, radio controls, card readers, and more. Most of our swing door operator systems can also be programmed to open with just wave of your hands . Our adjustable closing speeds allow a door to close sooner for energy savings or slower for increased pedestrian safety.Our Low Energy and Full Power Swing door operators to automate nearly any new or existing doors.What’s more, these products are economical.

Low energy swing door Operators

Low energy swing door operators are customizable systems that can be installed on pass-through chambers and lab cleanroom doors. Space-saving systems feature an electromechanical drive and an advanced microprocessor system. Twelve programmable options, smoke ventilation system integration and a host of other features create an exceptionally designed swing door operator system that is well-suited for many cleanroom door styles and pass-through chamber configurations.

  • Are UL certified for use as fire door operators
  • Allow for fast and easy retrofit installation
  • Are suitable for Low energy or Full energy applications ADA door operator