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Automatic Doors Texas, Baytown, Houston

As an expertautomatic door contractor, Automatic door Service of Baytown willmake your doors ideal for the space and purpose for which they were intended; installing, repairing and maintaining them to the highest level. Our dedicated team of automatic door professionals understands the importance of having doors that function properly, at all times, and as such, respond swiftly and efficiently to all urgent door repairs. Our priority is not only to provide you with doors of a high standard, but also to ensure that your business complies to all health and safety guidelines; that there are no faulty doors on your premises that could lead to injury or even death, and that you, your employees and your customers, can access your premises in a safe and efficient manner.

Services we offer at Automatic doors, Baytown, Tx

Offering only the smartest, highest quality drive type automatic doors, we also install, maintain and repair of all brands, makes and models.


Our specialty lies in the installation of a wide variety of automatic doors, and we offer our professional, expert services for both commercial and residential properties.


Available around the clock, our highly skilled technicians are here to provide you with timely garage door repairs and maintenance, 24/7.


Regular maintenance of automatic doors is essential to help preserve their function and prevent them from becoming worn, damaged and in need of repair. With our monthly, bi-yearly or annual service plans, you can help keep your doors in perfect working order, for longer.

Do You Need emergency automatic door Repair service in Baytown, Houston?

If you've answered yes to the above question, then what are you waiting for; give us a call! With our commitment to customer care, we know you won't find a team of commercial and residential garage door specialists more dedicated to serving you better, and with our vast experience and lengthy training, we're in the best position to get you the doors you need, fast.

Our services extend to all automatic doors and with all our technicians trained,qualified and AADM certified to perform their work at the highest level, we aim to please, and are pleased to deliver!

Automaticdoor Maintenance Services in Baytown Texas:

A faulty automatic door can quickly lead to injury, and in some cases, even death, and aside from the obvious risk to humans and animals, it can be extremely inconvenient when it isn't working as it should.

To help prevent your automatic door from malfunctioning and costing you even more money in repairs, schedule a regular maintenance service from our professional team of garage door experts.

Our installation/ Retrofit as well as repairing solution along with maintenance remedies of automated doors include:

  • Auto door installation repair and retrofit
  • Automatic entry doors installation and repair
  • Storefront door service
  • Aluminum glass door service
  • Hospital / Health care doors
  • Hospitality doors
  • Industrial doors
  • Commercial doors
  • Safety and Security doors
  • Specialty application doors
  • Automatic sliding door
  • Automatic folding door
  • Automatic / Manual Revolving doors
  • Automatic swing doors
  • A. D. A / Handicap, Touchless door
  • Automatic hospital swing doors
  • Automatic swing door operators
  • Access control automatic door
  • Platform screen doors
  • Handsfree door openers
  • ICU / CCU door
  • Infection control doors
  • Smoke rated automatic door
  • Fire rated automatic doors
  • Barn door systems
  • X ray room doors

Why Choose Automatic Doors Texas service?

As experts in providing highquality installation, repairs and maintenance of automatic doors in the Baytown area of Texas, we will not only provide you with the doors you need for your commercial and industrial property, but we'll keep them working as they should, for many years to come.

Contact us for any types of automatic door emergency services at Baytown, Texas

If you need an automatic door repair, and fast, then we're the team for you! Our specialists carry all their own equipment and tools to repair your doors as swiftly as possible, and once the job has been successfully completed, they will advise you as to how best to maintain your door so that malfunctions and/or damage can be prevented in the future.

For all your urgent, emergency door repair needs, let Automatic Door Service, Baytown get you fixed, fast. We have substantial group of A.A.D.M accredited automated door experts onboard, we're ready to help with all your automated door needs in South Houston, Tx. Call us now! Phone: (281) 747-8485 24 /7 Emergency Service; [888] 611 - 7703