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Automatic Doors Of Beaumont, Tx

Automatic doors of Beaumont, Texas provided quality automatic entrance solutions to our customers for over 25 Plus years. We operate within the state of Tx. Our commitment to our customers in providing quality solutions through design, planning, service and repair has afforded us a solid reputation. We also provide AAADM inspections for automatic doors on an annual basis. These take place at the request of the customer according to the recommendations of the American Association of Automatic door manufacturers.

Automatic door repair is our specialty. We have factory trained AAADM certified service technicians that can troubleshoot and repair the problem quickly to get your door back into operation again. Knowing the proper automatic door parts to install and their functionality make our automatic door service superior to most door and glass repair competitors.

Our wide selection of accessories will cover your every need. equipped with fully stocked vehicles, ready to maintain any type of pedestrian Automatic or Manual doors. Need automatic door maintenance same-day emergency repairs? We ready to exceed your expectations. We provide responsive and trustworthy same-day and emergency repairs at competitive rates.

Designed and installed with security and durability in mind, our automatic doors will serve you well for many years to come, whether they are used on aindustrial or commercial property, and irrespective of whether they're opened frequently or infrequently.

Helping to lower your energy bills with a higher R value, reduce exterior noise pollution and upgrade security to a building, an automatic garage door is always a smart investment, and we've made it our business to supply our customers with the highest quality doors, and repair them swiftly and expertly should they malfunction at any time.

We understand that your time of the essence and we want you to receive the best quality service. Our certified and insured automatic door professional are able to get there on time and get your project done at an affordable price.

How can Automatic doors of Beaumontcan help you?

Our installation, repair and maintenance services of automatic doors include:

  • Auto door installation repair and retrofit
  • Automatic entry doors installation and repair
  • Storefront door service
  • Aluminum glass door service
  • Hospital / Health care doors
  • Hospitality doors
  • Industrial doors
  • Commercial doors
  • Safety and Security doors
  • Specialty application doors
  • Automatic sliding door
  • Automatic folding door
  • Automatic / Manual Revolving doors
  • Automatic swing doors
  • A. D. A / Handicap, Touchless door
  • Automatic hospital swing doors
  • Automatic swing door operators
  • Access control automatic door
  • Platform screen doors
  • Handsfree door openers
  • ICU / CCU door
  • Infection control doors
  • Smoke rated automatic door
  • Fire rated automatic doors
  • Barn door systems
  • X ray room doors


Our company is managed by industry experts with more than 25 plus yearsof experience in commercial / Industrial door installation and repair service.

Automatic door Repair Services

Is your door broken or just not working as well as you like? we can fix it. We can repair any make, model, or type of door, including automatic doors, manual doors, and revolving doors.

Automatic Door Maintenance

Automatic doors Texas offers maintenance programs that give you a piece of mind in knowing that your automatic doors are always working. Our programs are designed with your business in mind. Whether you're a low traffic or a high traffic location, we make sure that your automatic doors are always working. For a low monthly fee, our experts will run diagnostics on your doors and if there's a problem, we'll let you know before it arises. If anything is to go wrong, emergency service is available. Call us today for a custom maintenance program designed specifically for your business.

Automatic door Installations/ Retrofit and Upgrades

We pride ourselves on remaining up to date on industry ANSI standards. We can upgrade any door regardless of the manufacturer, installer, or type of door.

Our Upgrade Capabilities:

  • Hands-free, touch-free door upgrades
  • Access-control system upgrades
  • Automatic Sliding Door Systems
  • Automatic Swing Door Operator Systems
  • Automatic Folding Door Systems
  • Other Compatible System Upgrades

Reduce the spread of germs through touchless door activation.

Some infections make national headlines, or affect whole world some make you miss work and others just make you miserable. No matter what the ailment, they should all remind you of the importance to practice good hand-hygiene.


Covid-19 as well as Globally Pandemics have actually transformed the game as it associates with protection. Individuals no more intend to touch public door manages, switch on elevators or swipe a closeness card reader for an access control system.

Every aspect of our lives is quickly developing, as well as the future needs touchless accessibility control systems for a safer way to access your homes as well as buildings. Consequently, it makes good sense to invest in advanced touchless modern technologies as well as additionally understand the core advantages of utilizing such accessibility systems for your industrial space.

Why must we literally touch the accessibility control systems when we can wave and also use face acknowledgment to access. It will certainly provide quick access and also keep us from contracting any kind of viruses or germs from the system. Updating your access control system to a touchless system is a whole lot less complicated than you might assume.

Contactless accessibility control systems rely upon smart touchless card readers and also scanners that can promptly determine and scan the inscribed numbers on gain access to cards to approve gain access to. In addition, these systems also make use of a Bluetooth link for staff members that intend to make use of the protected firm app on their mobile phones to get in the structure.

Workers and site visitors can additionally utilize the facial recognition system to unlock the door. This face acknowledgment system can likewise be paired up with interior safety and security systems to monitor site visitors at all times.

Hands-free door unlocking

Commercial structures have actually adjusted with hands-free options that enhance centers' sanitation as well as keep hygiene. These options lower the spread of bacteria with high-frequency touchpoints within the structure. Today's pandemic scenario requires marginal contact with the surface area to lower the spread of germs. These contactless hand-free services can lessen the danger of infection transmission.

Touchless accessibility control system for your business:

Touchless accessibility control systems offer you the safety and safety of present access systems but remove unneeded physical call. Communal places are a hub of bacteria, illness, and airborne infections, and it makes good sense to utilize touchless accessibility to refrain from any kind of exercises. These systems are made to get rid of any indirect contact in between people and also quit the virus from trading hosts.

Today, your company has to be making use of old accessibility systems with an essential card swipe functionality where the staff members have to physically swipe the card, pull the door, and afterwards go into the building. These essential card systems as well as door controllers are among one of the most typically touched surface areas in any business area. You require to utilize touchless access systems to eliminate these typical touch points to lower the dangers of conditions transfer and also spread.

Unlock by Waving Hand:

This allows a no-touch hand-free solution by just swing your hand near the card reader to access to your facility. These visitors can sense the hand gesture as much as a few inches away from the center door. The activity activates authorization with the individual's smart device through Bluetooth low power (BLE). The smartphone does not always need to stay in your hand; it can be in your bag or pocket. This remedy enables less website traffic around entrance halls or entranceways as well as more adaptability to the user.

Mobile Application Unlocks:

What if the workers wish to use their smart devices to get to the workplace? Well, contactless access systems allow that as well. Your staff members can unlock the door with their smart device. The touchless accessibility control system can read the encoded number for their mobile screen, or the staff members can use a safe and secure proprietary app to get in touch with the accessibility system and request accessibility to the building.The visitors will certainly no longer have to click on the keypad, await the personnel to let them in, as well as get access to the building. They will just have to swing at the gain access to control system, as well as they will be allowed in by the safety personnel. This also enables touchless visitor gain access to, as well as you will be able to secure your structure versus any kind of unknown germs or diseases by removing the need for contact.

Mobile Application Opens:

What if the employees wish to use their mobile phones to access to the workplace? Well, contactless accessibility systems enable that also. Your staff members can open the door with their smartphone. The touchless access control system can check out the encoded number for their mobile display, or the employees can utilize a safe and secure exclusive app to connect with the access system and demand accessibility to the structure.

Why choose us?

Quick Response:

Our trucks are stocked with parts needed to finish most jobs on the very first visit. Most of our repair jobs can be done in less than three hours.All work is performed by AAADMcertified repair technicians.


We set high standards for proper repair and installation, to keep you and visitors to your building safe. When you hire us, you get the peace of mind that you deserve.

24/7 Emergency Service:

We operated 24/7 for any emergency repair service, day or night weekends and holidays.

If you've responded to yes to the above concern, then what are you waiting on; provide us a telephone call! With our commitment to client care, enthusiasm to serve, we know you will not locate a group of industrial as well as Commercial automatic door professionals more committed to offering you much better, as well as with our huge experience as well as extensive training, we're in the very best setting to obtain you the doors you require,fast.

Our services include all automatic doors, and all our service technicians qualified to perform their operate at the highest-level experience, we aim to please, as well as delight in to provide!

Our mission is to offer great service at a competitive price and never compromise on the quality of our service.For all your immediate, emergency situation door service / repair needs, allow Automatic Door Service ofBeaumont,Txget your doors repaired, quick. Call us now! Phone: [281] 939 – 5812.