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Drive Thru Windows

Drive thru / Pass thru Restaurant windows repair service,Houston, Tx

At Automatic Doors, we take pride in offering our customers exactly what they need, exactly when they need it. Helping you with the professional installation, repair and maintenance of your drive thru windows.

The genius wizard idea behind the fast-food system is exactly what its name recommends:speed, without drive-thru windows, the businesses would likely not be almost as effective. Drive thru windows offer risk-free and also functional gain access to for services such as fast-foodrestaurant and drug stores.

Many sizes of drive-thru Windows are available, and can be integrated as modular devices or a component of a brand-new storefront. They are manually or motor operated. Motorized devices may have a foot control or motion detector. Older systems can be serviced or retrofitted.

Automatic doors Texas has the ability to handle every one of your Drive Through Lane equipment requires. We comprehend that drive - thru equipment is important to your organization, and that you require economical, reliable solutions quickly.

We Keep your fast-food Business traffic moving:Drive through windows is used in a selection of organization applications due to the wide range of dimensions and also designs available.

Drive thru windows can be found a number of business applications:

  • Financial services
  • Caféshop
  • Grocery store Shops
  • Liquor stores
  • Pharmacies

Types of drive thruwindows:

  • Single panel sliders are made use of for quick face-to-face solution
  • Dual panel sliders that open up from both the right- and also left-hand side
  • Large service double panel slider for event trays, grocery stores, pizza etc.
  • Bi-parting sliding window for high visibility and comfort.
  • Bump out windows for full, panoramic sight of vehicles to provide for 4 feet of counter space
  • Pass thru and also Safety and security
  • All work performed by our own, highly skilled and also qualified staff members
  • Highest Possible Criteria of Windows and Installations
  • Quick and Professional Installments
  • Accommodate Unique Needs and Requirements
  • Transaction drawers
  • Teller Windows
  • Concession and also Walk-Up Windows
  • Self-Closing Units
  • Air Curtains can be installed over to minimize insects from getting in structure
  • Custom Color styles available to match your style as well as design
  • 1/4" Clear tempered glass and also bullet immune glass readily available

Self-closing sliding windows

These self-closing systems are mounted flush to the outside wall. By just releasing the home window after offering the client, the door panel shuts instantly. With a balanced out in the base, as well as moving on a top-hung round bearing system, these sliders are the smoothest windows on the marketplace.

Self-closing Bi parting windows:

This home window is produced organizations that have much smaller work areas to contend with as well as permit the business convenience of not having to cut a larger hole to make use of a common 48" large home window. This window additionally has a great inside counter area for hosting item.

Semi-automatic Bi folding windows:

Using a panoramic three-sided view, from the outside of the structure highlighting the drive-thru lane. These models use different dimension service openings. Hands totally free effective solution is supplied with using the push-bar system.

Vertical lift windows

Vertical lift transaction windows are the excellent pass-through windows for numerous service areas, walk-up service counters, and locations with minimal space.

This 'hands-free' automated purchase window includes an optic sensor in the header of the window which will identify your presence and instantly open up the window to allow you to offer clients and instantly close when you walk out the window.

This window includes our Logic Lock with three functional modes:

  • Standard: Permits the 'hands-free' operation of the window through the optic sensing unit.
  • Peak Period: Opens the window as well as keeps it open until this setting is disengaged.
  • Night Latch: Disengages the optic sensing unit as well as involves a better lock to protect the window.

Hand-operated windows:

Models are placed flush to the exterior wall surface and also is run manually. This unit provides a big service opening as well as both doors operate concurrently when opening. This is the perfect window that needs a small foot print.

For convenience food restaurants, doors and windows play a critical role in the businesses' success. Beginning with one of the most apparent the drive thru window any type of problem with this window can restrain or totally prevent business from continuing. A busted drive-thru window, or one that won't open up, is inappropriate. But drive thru windows aren't the only points that affect clients and the fast-food service;entryway doors are a massive part too.

While many people utilize the drive-thru, numerous will get in the snack bar and also order personally when lines are lengthy or they want to sit to eat. If access means doors are faulty, after that, a client may be hindered.

Some snack bar also utilizes rolling shutters and also grilles in order to secure shop at completion of the day. When these systems are not in position, the area might be extra prone to burglary. Certainly, also if all windows and doors are technically "working" as they should, they may not be the most reliable version for your organization.

We provide a large range of doors and window solutions for convenience food companies and various other commercial business in Houston, TX. We can assess all windows and doors on your service businesses, to determine whether or not the windows and doors are as safe and reliable for normal procedure.

Bear in mind that outdated windows and doors usually permit warm air escape in the winter months, and also let cool air in the summer causing greater energy expenses.

If your windows or doors need replacement, we have substantial selection of windows and doors to select from. We offer the highest quality windows and doors for industrial business customers.

Why chooses our service?

When time is of the essence, we're here to helpBecause we understand that your time is valuable, we'reproud to offer a two-hour arrival time to all our customers, with our trained technicians arriving at your location as swiftly as possible to install; causing minimal disruption to your schedule.

We have industry's best experts:

Professionally trained and with years of experience and expertise in the automatic door industry, our technicians will fix any issues quickly and efficiently.

Our service isconsistent and reliable:

Our dedicated team members will visit your location to thoroughly assess the situation, and advise you as to which type of door would best suit your purpose.

We will guide you through every aspect of your automatic door selection, and at no point will we ever pressure you to buy anything from us, or sign up for any of our services until you've had a chance to consider your options.

Prompt, courteous and reliable:

Our second to none service is available with same-day options, and in the event of an emergency, we will respond to your request whatever the day, or time.

Our warranties:

Regular maintenance services and call back policy make us your choice for professional automatic door installation, repairs and maintenance.

We can additionally carry out upkeep for windows and doors, in addition to repair work. We provide emergency repair service are offered 24/7, day or night.

We are here to serve you! When your drive-thru window is not functioning properly your organization can come to a total stand still. We have the parts and technicians ready to repair yourdrivee thru windows. Call now, Phone: [281] 939-5812