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+ What should I do, when I think the automatic door fails to operate?
+ Can I open the automatic door in case of power outage?
+ What should I do when an earthquake occurs?
+ Do you do service on the weekends or after hours?
+ Will your automatic doors work during black or brown outs?
+ How do the doors sense when someone is passing through?
+ How long does an automatic door stay open after opening to allow me to pass through?
+ What types of Automatic sliding doors are available?
+ Do you do emergency service calls?
+ Why should I have an automatic door in my business? What are the benefits to my company and my customers?
+ What types of automatic doors do you provide? Which will best suit my needs?
+ When I need service for my automatic doors?
+ How many technicians do you have on staff?
+ What types of automatic doors do you service?
+ What qualifications do your staff possess? Why should I choose you to do the service work on my doors?
+ Can I adjust the automatic door operation easily by myself?
+ What should I do to keep the automatic door safe and durable?
+ What is the lead time for service at my doors?
+ What is considered an emergency call ?
+ How often should I get my door serviced?
+ Do you have certified inspectors?
+ What local cities do you service in Houston?
+ What can I do to prevent problems with my automatic doors?
+ My automatic door is not working, What should you do?
+ How do you charge for service calls?
+ Can I get technical support over the phone?
+ What is covered under warranty for installations or repair?
+ What happens if my door stops working during the warranty period?
+ What can be done to prolong the life of my automatic doors?
+ What options do I have if my automatic door operator needs to be replaced?
+ How can facility managers or owners ensure the safe operations of their automatic door systems?
+ Can any technicians perform service or maintenance work on my automatic doors?
+ Are all of the automatic door technicians A. A. D. M certified?