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Hands Free Door Openers

Opening and closing doors may seem like an easy task, but no matter where you are, something as simple as that can be made easier. we are introducing touchless door entry for owners looking to make their business or commercial building accessible and innovative.

Touchless access control [also known as a contactless access system] is more important now than ever before. While it was always more convenient to not have to turn a key or press buttons to unlock a door. Now more than every, touchless door entry is on the rise for commercial buildings and businesses.

The ease, comfort, and sleekness they provide is indisputable and becoming more and more popular. If you want to make the experience for your employees, customers, and visitors easier during their time in your building, consider touchless door entry

Controlling virus infection withtouchless door hardware COVID-19, referred to as Coronavirus, has actually become a global pandemic infection. It has transformed the means we live, from putting on face masks in public areas to social distancing in order to battle the spread of the virus.

Development continuesto be made both in what is understood about the virus yet additionally in how to combat its spread. While health and health have actually always stood problems for any type of business or public area, moving on we can anticipate to see it become of main importance when it concerns discovering ways to avoid the spread of germs.

In the future, particularly once the immediate problem over Coronavirus has decreased, health and wellness as well as hygiene steps are going to remain to be a key concern. Touchless door hardware can lower cross contamination and the spread of future viruses and usual health problems alike.

An increasing number of companies seek methods to run in a more sanitary as well as healthy method, a desire for touchless door hardware as well as various other types of contactless access will remain to expand. Touchless door entry is the perfect option for buildings and businesses that experience a high amount of traffic. This can include schools, hospitals, large and local businesses, public bathrooms, offices, etc. Considering using touchless entry not only makes opening doors easier, but it makes it safer.

Door handles can contain a lot of germs and bacteria that can be easily spread on to the next person that uses it; removing the contact of a hand can ensure the well-being of everyone who opens the door. Covid-19 and World-wide Pandemics have changed the game as it relates to security.

People no longer want to touch public door handles, push buttons on elevators or swipe a proximity card reader for an access control system. every aspect of our lives is rapidly evolving, and the future demands touchless access control systems for a safer way to access your homes and buildings. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in futuristic touchless technologies and also understand the core benefits of employing such access systems for your commercial space.

Touchless door Activation:

There are many alternatives when it comes to touchless door activation systems. The majority of are not only ADA certified, yet likewise can assist lower the spread of bacteria. These systems permit people to turn on the automated door system merely by waving their hand in front of the installed sensing unit.

What is touchless entry?

Touchless entry refers to entering a building without touching an object or surface, such as a door handle. A touchless entry system eliminates the need to touch surfaces with your hands by using an automatic door opener triggered by a device such as a smartphone.

What is contactless entry?

Contactless entry refers to avoiding close contact with another human to provide property access. Contactless entry systems eliminate the need to come in contact with anyone by enabling remote property access through a device such as a smartphone.

Touchless Access Control:

When safety and security and discernment when it comes to entry are of key relevance, a touchless gain access to control system is the most effective solution. Run by either a keycard essential fob, these contactless gain access to control systems are connected to a safety system that determines that can and also can't go into.

Wave: No touch Activation:

Not only does a simple action of waving to open a door eliminate the spread of bacteria by a factor of 100%, but it will also make the lives of your clients and employees easier and faster. Picture carrying a load of packages or products and not being able to reach for your keys, well with wave-no touch activation entry, you can exclude the hassle of dealing with keys and fobs. The sensors that are installed with wave-no activation entry boast a high-range detection while withstanding high traffic and all types of weather conditions, should they be placed outside of your building. These sensors will blend perfectly with your building while at the same time providing protection in all entryways where they are installed.

Secure: Touchless door entry:

A touchless door entry may sound like it is easy to use for your employees, clients, and visitors, but is it secure? The answer is yes! Touchless door entry can be installed on already existing doors and work hand in hand with already installed security systems and locks. Not only are they secured, but they are certified by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission). This not only outlines their effectiveness, but it guarantees a product that you can trust in!

Combines Seamlessly with existing doors:

When business and building owners hear about the possibility of new devices for doorways, it is a common assumption to think that you will need to replace your already existing doors. Well, that fear is non-existent with Goldy Locks Touchless Entry, due to its versatile designs able to be installed on any kind of door and not take away from the look or security of the door.

Our priority is to provide solutions for our clients in the Houston and suburbs. something that no other door and alarm business is doing. If you are interested in making a move to a healthier future for your business, contact our team of door specialists today and explore all of the advantages that touchless entry will provide for your commercial building and business. Get in touch with automatic doors Texas as well as our experienced team can aid you browse determining which Touchless Door Hardware is appropriate for you and your company. call us currently at Phone: [281] 939 - 5812

Unlock by Waving Hand:

This allows a no-touch hand-free solution by just waving your hand near the card reader to gain access to your facility. These readers can sense the hand gesture up to a few inches away from the facility door. The action triggers authorization with the user's smartphone via Bluetooth low energy (BLE). The smartphone does not necessarily have to stay in your hand; it can be in your purse or pocket. This solution allows less traffic around lobbies or entryways and more flexibility to the user.

Mobile Phone App unlock:

Employees can also gain access to the building with their mobiles. The employees only have to open up the app on their smartphone when in proximity to the reader and tap a button to trigger the unlock. Modern-era smart readers use BLE, Wi-Fi, and cellular data to send and receive requests from the smartphone and verify the employees' identity.

Therefore, the mobile app will work and get you access even if there is no internet available. This mobile app access adds a security layer by leveraging biometric and multi-factor authentication built-in to the application.

Mobile Bluetooth unlocks:

The readers use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) requests to verify the employees' identity even if the mobile is locked or in their purse. This keeps the line moving, and your employees can gain contactless access to the building. For this, you will also need an application that can receive requests from the access system for verification.

Hands-Free Switches, Actuators and Readers:

A commercial security system can be easily upgraded to contactless access control solutions. There are different types of actuators like card readers, mobile credentials, key fob, micro tag, intelligent keys, and more that provide hands-free access in your facility.

Unlock by waving hand and motion sensor technologies unable to open switches that trigger to open the door when a movement is detected near your facility door.

The door can open with various actuator methods, including access control readers for restricted areas that need to be secured. Key Fob or access control cards works with readers to provide touchless entrances in your facility.

Touchless Biometric Scanning:

Contactless biometric technology attempts to gather and add biometric traits like fingerprints.

Face Recognition Access:

Instead of the traditional key swipe method, employees and personnel can now easily use facial recognition to get access. This is a far more secure method than the conventional key swipe or card reader technology. Anyone can get access to your employee's card and key, but it will be impossible for them to replicate the same facial features and get access to the building.

Face recognition access limits unauthorized access to your building and only allows access to the appropriate personnel. This way, you will be able to eliminate the need for physical contact or swipe, and you will also be able to offer a higher level of security for your commercial place.

Touchless sensing:

Touchless sensing can detect the presence or motion of a person under a sensor. Like gesture recognition, touchless sensing has become rather commonplace in our every-day lives. Every one of us has gone through an automatic door at a grocery store, hotel, or commercial building. So every one of us has experienced touchless sensing technology.

Voice recognition:

Voice recognition systems let users interact with technology simply by speaking to it. This has become popular especially in our homes. We can make hands-free requests, set reminders, and perform other simple tasks by talking to Apple's Siri, Amazon's Alexa, or the Google Assistant.

Facial recognition:

Facial recognition takes things one step further since it doesn't require a conscious effort by the user. Technology that can recognize your team opens up a world of possibilities and automation in the workplace. Like how the new iPhone can unlock with a glance at your screen, imagine a video conference starting when you walk into a room.

Personal devices:

For technology to be completely touch-free it must operate without the need for physical contact, like in the examples above. But the introduction of smartphones and other personal devices have made nearly touch-free technology possible as well. Anything that operates at the command of your own personal device allows you to avoid touching public surfaces.

"Touchless technology implies that you don't have to touch any public surfaces like door handles, elevator buttons, or shared screens. "This is where your smartphone and other personal devices come in. It doesn't take a huge behavioral change because we're all on our personal devices all day long anyway, so it can even add a layer of convenience."

Touchless access control system for your business:

Touchless access control systems offer you the safety and security of current access systems but eliminate unnecessary physical contact. Communal places are a hub of germs, diseases, and airborne viruses, and it makes sense to use touchless access to refrain from any physical activities. These systems are designed to eliminate any indirect contact between individuals and stop the virus from exchanging hosts.

Right now, your business must be using old access systems with a key card swipe functionality where the employees have to physically swipe the card, pull the door, and then enter the building. These key card systems and door controllers are among the most commonly touched surfaces in any business place. You need to use touchless access systems to eliminate these common touch points to reduce the risks of diseases transfer and spread.

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