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Hospitality Doors

At Automatic Doors Texas, we believe in offering our customers a high-quality level of servicesurpassing that of our competitors, and when it comes to our range of automatic hospitalitydoors, you won't find a better choice than ours. No matter what the size of your project or howcomplex your needs are, our premium standard of service remains consistently high, and we canmatch or beat, all prices that you'll find elsewhere.

Here to meet all your commercial or industrial needs efficiently and successfully, our range of services to suit all budgets, conform to all necessary health and safety requirements and are available in a whole host of sizes. Do note that most of our commercial, Industrial, Automatic doors and windows can be customized to meet your specific needs, too.

Our automatic hospitality doors and associated hardware:

Businesses needing to optimize the first impression they give to their customers; doors can prove a cost-effective and simple way to do this. With an elegant but functional door that enables customers to easily and safely access the premises, you're already telling customers that what they're going to find inside, is a quality establishment selling quality wares and/or offering excellent services.

Our automatic hospitality doors and hardware offer an effective solution for a variety of applications, and with low long-term operational, repair and maintenance costs, they can help your business, go on to succeed.

Why choose our automatic hospitality doors?

Offering unbeatable quality, design and safety, our extensive range of hospitality doors have a number of benefits, some of which are displayed below:

They look good

Aesthetically pleasing, our hospitality doors can be customized in a wide range of colors and wood grains, each of which offer exceptional durability and color retention.

They're user friendly

Convenient and safe for deliveries, or those pushing strollers or carrying luggage, they feature hands-free operation.

Maintenance costs are minimal

Each door is extremely strong and durable, made with heavy-duty metal frames, they give superior structural performance, resulting in low long-term maintenance costs.

They help you save on energy costs

With sturdy and reliable weather seals, our doors stand up to tough weather and traffic conditions and help to maintain a consistent temperature within the premises.

Reduce the risk of contamination

More and more of people concerned about the risk of spreading harmful viruses via door handles, our automatic hands-free doors help to keep you, your employees and your guests, safe from harm.

Our range of Automatic hospitality doors:

Our automatic hospitality doors are suitable for use in a variety of settings, including – but not limited to – the following:

Revolving doors for the entrances to hotels:

When pedestrian traffic to and from a hotel is high, our revolving doors are the perfect choice. Available with either a central shaft or a center core vestibule design, they offer a smooth and consistent, continuous rotation. You may also be interested in our range of security revolving doors, featuring both one and two-way security for use in a variety of settings. They can be made with highly protective, bullet-resistant glass, and come with a system that prevents piggybacking and tailgating.

Automatic sliding doors:

Suitable for both industrial and commercial applications, our automatic sliding door solutions are designed and manufactured to withstand high winds, and have air infiltration specs that can be suitable implemented in even the heaviest of commercial settings. With a durable, virtually silent mechanical operation, they can come in a frameless design with tempered glass.

Automatic swing and folding doors:

Ideal for use in restaurants and hotels, our automatic swing and folding doors are designed and constructed with durability and usability in mind, and will continue functioning well for many years to come provided basic maintenance is carried out at recommended levels.

Available with adjustable opening and closing speeds, obstruction sensors, push-n-go activation and a number of other helpful usability and safety features, our swing doors can be single, paired or double, and come with options that include swing-in and swing-out, and left or right-handed operation. They are also available as fire doors, and can be operated manually, ADA low energy, and full power; commonly found in halls and corridors, we also offer a range of folding access, magnetic door systems.

Our automatic hospitality doors and access control systems:

Integrating fantastically well with many access control systems, our hospitality doors can be fitted with such a system in our range of complete services:

  • Electronic locking systems
  • Hotel room door locking

Our planned maintenance program:

For your business to continue to run smoothly, you need your door and dock systems to function as normal and perform at their best, all the time. That means consistent maintenance and staying on top of repairs. Fortunately, when you enlist our help at Automatic Doors Texas, we will expertly and efficiently take care of all your regular service needs and during scheduled reviews, we will thoroughly assess the condition of every system and piece of equipment, provide you with an official, written report of our findings, and repair any faults or damage immediately. Regular maintenance is vital for the longevity of all door and dock systems, so talk to our friendly team about scheduling a check for your equipment, today.

Contact us today:

For more detailed information, advice and guidance about any of our products or systems, please do give our friendly and knowledgeable team a call today. Always on hand to assist you, they will be happy to answer all your queries, or arrange for a specialist or technician to come out and meet you and assess your commercial, Industrial entrance door needs.

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