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Industrial Doors

Our friendly and professional door and dock solutions are available throughout Houston and beyond, and we've been proudly serving our customers for more than two decades. This level of experience and expertise, is hard to beat, and we're confident that when you choose to work with our team atAutomatic Doors Texas, you will walk away not only satisfied with our service, but suitably impressed, and won't need to look anywhere else for your continued door and dock needs.

Our industrial door installation, maintenance and repair / retrofit service:

At Automatic Doors Texas, our vast experience and the knowledge that we've gained throughout our many years of service in the industry, have given us the expertise and skills to repair and replace a huge range of industrial doors, with both confidence and professionalism. Our level of service is second to none, and all repairs and maintenance work is carried out with strict adherence to local, state and federal safety and building code regulations.So, whatever your installation, maintenance and repair needs, our team of qualified technicians have an affordable solution to match them.

Our industrial sliding doors:

Our industrial door systems at Door and Dock Solutions feature up to 500 lbs. of capacity and up to 12 feet stroke. Our systems can be installed in a wide variety of settings, such as hospitals, labs, food processing plants and warehouses, and all come with packages that include doors, operating systems, activators and tracks.

Below are some of the types of industrial door solutions we specialize in:

Platform screen doors

Useful in a variety of transit applications, our industrial platform screen doors help to make movement safer and more efficient, and can be designed and implemented in a variety of applications, such as:

  • Airports
  • Resorts and hotels
  • Theme parks
  • Mass transit facilities

Exit lane breach control

Offering unbeatable safety and efficiency, our exit lane breach control systems have a variety of useful features:

  • Many glass types, including bullet-proof
  • Needs and aesthetics met with customizable design
  • Options for one-way
  • Options for remote monitoring
  • High traffic efficiency systems

Service windows/ Drive thru windows

Fully customizable, our industrial and commercial service windows can be made with drawers and different types of windows, and come in a variety of countertops, materials and finishes. Some logistical options include:

  • Patented activator and operator technologies
  • Window locks and automatic close systems
  • Swift, low maintenance installation

Why Choose Automatic Doors Texas?

There are many reasons why you should make Automatic Doors Texasyour company of choicewhen searching for high-quality products systems, and service/ repair and installations for your business solutions, no matter what it maybe, what size it is and how complex your needs are. Below are some of the reasons we are mostproud of:

Industry understanding:

Our deep understanding of each industry that we work with, we can develop, manufacture, install, repair and maintain a range of products and services that are guaranteed to meet your exact requirements exceeding expectations.

Lifetime product commitment:

Our lifetime product service, which includes comprehensive on-site training, freight coordination, technical services, part replacements and warranty fulfilment, shows that we are dedicated to supporting you right from purchase, through to the installation of your product and beyond.

Technical competence:

Standing behind each and every one of our door and dock products and solutions, we are confident to make, sell, install and repair them all using our experience, technical knowledge and skills. We sell only those items that we know have been rigorously tested, and will meet your every need while conforming to all safety and performance regulations.

Unmatched quality:

Our products, range of services, and customer satisfaction levels are as high as we know you deserve them to be, and for that reason, we are proud to offer you the kind of service that you simply won't find elsewhere. Add that to our unbeatable, competitive and highly affordableprices, and you've got a winning combination.

Each of our factory and in house trained and certified personnel have many years of experience working with many types of equipment, ranging from mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, pneumatic and Access control systems. Providing OEM parts and factory specific service and repairs

Contact us:

Our extensive, customizable services available throughout Houston and beyond, it's easy to see why we are one of the leading commercial, Industrial, Automatic door providers in the Texas region, and why so many customers come back to us, time and time again. If you would like any more information about our range of commercial door entrance solutions, simply give us a call when convenient, and we'll be more than happy to help give expert recommendations, or schedule a consultation.

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