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If an entry is a mobility hotspot that signifies the gateway to the visitor’s destination, a building’s entrance is a small mobility hotspot in itself. The entrance is the first contact a visitor has with a building; it is the building’s calling card and should signal to the visitor that he is in the right place; that he has almost reached his destination. As for any other mobility hotspot, the entrance needs to fit the building’s criteria on three key areas: sustainability, security and service. However the entrance requires a fourth element, great design.

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For your business, revolving doors may provide the perfect solution for directing the flow of pedestrian traffic, conserving and maximizing energy, and even offering aesthetic appeal through unique design. Hospitals, retail stores, and large business centers all choose revolving doors as their go-to for their companies’ facades. That being said, revolving doors do break down and need maintenance, repairs, and replacement over time.


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