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Storefront door replacement, Installation, Repairs, and More

If you’re in need storefront door repair you’re in the right spot. We offer professional storefront door repair. Whether your storefront door is made of glass, metal, wood, or another material, we can help. We keep a variety of parts and doors on hand so that we can service your door quickly and efficiently.We know how important it is for your store to maintain a functioning and aesthetically pleasing door. After all, your storefront dooris often your customers first impression of your business. An old or difficult to open door gives your visitors the wrong idea about your company. If your door is broken, call us today for a free consultation and quote on repairs for a storefront door. We’ll walk you through available options including repairs or installation of new doors. And because we’re a local owned company, we can keep our costs low and pass these savings onto you, while maintaining a high level of quality and accountability.

Automatic commercial doors welcome visitors, guide traffic, and help preserve indoor climate zones. Sliding, swing, Revolving, Folding and storefront systems, including commercial entrance doors, offer many ways to provide convenience, secure entrances and meet accessibility standards in any building.
Our highly experienced technicians provide our customers with prompt, courteous and reliable service. They are AAADM certified to ensure safety compliance. They use only top quality parts from leading manufacturers and suppliers. This helps us provide the quality and satisfaction our customers deserve.
We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.
Choosing the right doors and keeping them in top working order also saves energy and helps you meet ADA requirements.

Our Applications include the following

  • Healthcare / Hospitals, Nursing homes, Senior Care Centers
  • Education: Elementary thru University
  • Property Management Buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Handicap Access

Sliding Door
Sliding door provides numerous choices in sliding doors — both automatic and manual, so that that your entrance meets exact requirements for size, color, and finish as well as function, grade of construction, safety and security. We can maximize door openings in limited space and can provide embedded usage, service and diagnostic features. We provide options for all-glass doors, quiet “whisper” operation, heavy duty doors, and telescoping doors when space is limited.

Swing door
Whether installing a complete new swing door system or automating an existing manual swing door, we offers many solutions to improve customer convenience and ensure an ADA-compliant entrance. Options span many price ranges and include low-energy solutions, heavy duty doors for high-traffic settings, and folding door systems. We’ll work with you to individually tailor the door’s construction and operations to meet your needs and budget.
Bi folding door
Bi-folding doors bring together the technology of swinger and slider doors and can be especially valuable for providing a wide open entrance in a limited amount of space.  Folding features enable a much larger opening than comparative sliders, and sweep can be dramatically reduced when compared to traditional swing doors.  Available for interior or exterior applications, a hurricane/high-impact compliant version is available.

Revolving door
Many organizations use revolving doors to minimize a building’s heating and air conditioning losses. Other benefits include ease of operation, minimized traffic congestion, stability/durability, noise reduction and prevention of wind, snow, rain or dust.

Manual Revolving Doors, with options for all-glass design, floor-mounted speed control and a variety of diameters and finishes
Automatic Revolving Doors, which are energy efficient and provide easy, hands-free operation
Large-Capacity Revolving Entrance Systems, often used in hospitals, airports, hotels and high-traffic commercial buildings
Security Revolving Entrance Systems, for controlled access and safety monitoring (with options for one-direction accessibility or card access during some or all hours)

Industrial/ Clean room door
Facilities with specific needs for fire-protection, manufacturing (ie; forklift pass-through,) sterilization and other requirements can rely on us.. We have significant experience with these types of needs and will work with you to identify the optimal solution for your design, architectural and code specifications.

We are available 24/7 to provide you with immediate commercial door service. Our company’s management team has decades of commercial door repair and installation experience. So when you join the many satisfied customers that have hired us, you benefit from our expert commercial door repair knowledge. And since our service trucks are stocked with the most common parts, most of our repair jobs can be responded to immediately and completed quickly, often on the very first visit. We can get your business back up and running immediately, give us a call! Don’t take chance by hiring a less experienced commercial door service company. You run the risk of losing valuable time and money. So put your trust in a company known for excellent door services. Your Complete Commercial door repair Service partner in TX.

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